ZeeZ F7 3030 Flight Controller V3

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The ZEEZ F7 V3 3030 is an 8 Motor Output, DJI HD System Ready Flight Controller with an on-board 9V@3A regulator to power the DJI Air Unit, with a simple plug and play configuration and 5V@3A regulator to power all the peripheral.

It uses a powerful F7 processor along with top-of-the-line hardware:ICM42688P Gyro, BMP388 Barometer, with a separate power rail for cleanest data. The ZEEZ F7 V3 3030 comes in a standard 30×30 form factor. It comes with spaces and pads for TBS Crossfire and TBS Unify Nano32 for a very clean and low-profile assembly. We have added a connector for a 2nd ESC to make building X8’s as easy as possible. There are 5 UARTS available as well as, I2C port, SD CARD for Blackbox data record, an OSD chip for analog video.

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