Mylipo 305mAh 3.8V BT2 Plug 40/80C in Blister

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Mylipo 305mAh 3.8V BT2 male 40/80C selected by lipo expert from Germany Mylipo, perfect for tinywhoop with BetaFPV Meteor65 BT2.0 connector!!

Best lipo for your tinywhoop experience!

Mylipo 305mAh 3.8V BT2 Plug 40/80C in Blister


Mylipo 305mAh 3.8V BT2

Introducing the Mylipo 305mAh 3.8V BT2 battery, a powerful and reliable energy source for your FPV adventures. This compact yet high-capacity battery is designed to deliver consistent performance, ensuring prolonged flight times and optimal power output.

Equipped with cutting-edge BT2 connector technology, the Mylipo battery offers seamless compatibility with a wide range of FPV drones. This ensures hassle-free installation and reliable connectivity, allowing pilots to focus on the thrill of flying.

With its 305mAh capacity and 3.8V voltage rating, this battery provides ample power to fuel your drone’s performance. Whether you’re racing through tight courses or exploring vast landscapes, the Mylipo battery delivers the juice you need to keep soaring.

Additionally, the lightweight and compact design of the Mylipo 305mAh 3.8V BT2 battery minimizes added weight and bulk to your drone setup. This enhances maneuverability and agility, allowing for precise control and responsive handling during flight.

Furthermore, Mylipo batteries are known for their durability and longevity, ensuring countless flights of reliable performance. The high-quality construction and advanced technology make them a trusted choice among FPV enthusiasts worldwide.

In conclusion, the Mylipo 305mAh 3.8V BT2 battery is the perfect companion for your FPV adventures, offering exceptional power, reliability, and compatibility. Elevate your flying experience and unlock new possibilities with the Mylipo battery powering your drone. Check out other alternatives in store


  • voltage: 3.8V
  • capacity: 305mAh
  • weight: about 8,3g
  • dimensions 68 x 10 x 6.5mm
  • configuration 1S1P
  • max continuous load 40C = 12.2A
  • short load 80C = 24.4A
  • no balancer port because single cell
  • charge 2C = 0.6A if it has to be fast
  • (our charging recommendation 1C = 0.3A)
  • Delivery 5 batteries with BT2.0 male in blister pack

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