Gemfan 51477×3 Hurricane Racing Propeller

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Keep the fast and smooth of 51466 and super durability of 51499.

Bigger thrust, More grip in very fast corners.

Chosen by Hyper fpv on his Fox Crooked!

Gemfan 51477×3 Hurricane Racing Propeller


Gemfan 51477×3 Hurricane Racing Propeller

Introducing the Gemfan 51477×3 Hurricane Racing Propeller, a perfect fusion of the speed and smoothness found in the Gemfan 51466 and the exceptional durability of the 51499. Elevate your racing drone experience with this innovative propeller.

Designed with 3 blades, the Gemfan 51477×3 is constructed from high-quality PC material, ensuring both lightweight agility and robust durability. With a pitch of 3.7 inches and a prop disk diameter of 129.3mm, these propellers provide bigger thrust and enhanced grip, especially in high-speed corners, giving you the competitive edge you need on the racetrack.

Engineered with a center thickness of 6.5mm and a center hole inner diameter of 5mm, the Gemfan 51477×3 is optimized for adaptability with motors ranging from 2206 to 2407. The maximum prop width of 15.5mm contributes to the propeller’s overall stability and performance.

Weighing in at just 4.1 grams, these propellers strike the perfect balance between weight and strength, ensuring your racing drone achieves peak performance. Notably, the Gemfan 51477×3 Hurricane Racing Propeller has been selected by Hyper FPV for his Fox Crooked, attesting to its reliability and performance.

Step into the world of high-speed racing with confidence and precision. Choose the Gemfan 51477×3 Hurricane Racing Propeller for unparalleled thrust, grip, and endurance, and experience the difference in your racing drone performance.


Prop Disk Diameter129.3mm
Center Thickness6.5mm
Center Hole Inner diameter5mm
Max Prop Width15.5mm
Weight / g4.1g
Adaptive Motor2206-2407


2 x CW 51477
2 x CCW 51477

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