Gemfan 51366×3 MCK ReV3 Hurricane Racing Propeller

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New Gemfan Hurricane 51366 MCK ReV3 – the racing propeller that’s set to revolutionize your drone game! Picture this: a propeller meticulously designed for 6S high KV motors, bringing a new level of responsiveness, punchiness, and downright durability to the world of drone racing.

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Gemfan 51366×3 MCK ReV3 Hurricane Racing Propeller


Gemfan 51366×3 MCK ReV3 Hurricane Racing Propeller

Introducing the Gemfan 51366×3 MCK ReV3 Hurricane – the epitome of racing propellers. Engineered for the demanding world of 6S high KV motors, this propeller is a game-changer in the realm of drone racing. With a 5-inch diameter and a 2.8-inch pitch, the Hurricane 51366 MCK ReV3 is meticulously designed for responsiveness, punchiness, durability, and exceptional grip on turns.

Crafted from lightweight yet robust PC material, each propeller weighs a mere 4.2g, contributing to the overall efficiency of your racing drone. The 5mm mount ensures a secure fit, and the propellers are available in striking colors, including Strawberry Jam, Mint Green, Radioactive Yellow, Litchi Red, and Light Speed Clear.

Recommended for motors like the 2306 and 2207 series, the Hurricane 51366 MCK ReV3 boasts a prop disk diameter of 129.7mm, a center thickness of 6.6mm, and a maximum prop width of 14.9mm. The package includes 2 counterclockwise (CCW) and 2 clockwise (CW) propellers, providing a complete set for your drone configuration.

This propeller is not just a product; it’s the NEW ReVolution of Racing Props. Crafted in collaboration with MCK himself, the Hurricane 51366 MCK ReV3 is redesigned, relentless, and truly revolutionary. Experience the perfect blend of speed, responsiveness, and durability – it has it all! Elevate your racing game with Gemfan’s Hurricane 51366 MCK ReV3, where innovation meets the relentless pursuit of excellence.

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Type51366 MCK ReV3
Prop Disk Diameter129.7mm
Center Thickness6.6mm
Center Hole Inner diameter5mm
Max Prop Width15.5mm
Weight / g4.2g
Adaptive Motor2207-2306


2 x CW 51466 MCK ReV3
2 x CCW 51466 MCK ReV3

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Gemfan 51366x3 MCK ReV3 Hurricane Colors

Clear Purple, Litchi Red, Radioactive Yellow, Strawberry Jam


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