Foxeer M10Q 180 GPS 5883 Compass

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The Foxeer M10Q 180 GPS 5883 Compass Module offers precise global positioning with a compact design and a QMC5883 compass. Ideal for high-performance location tracking on the FOX RACING 2023 with customizable frequency and durability in extreme conditions.

Foxeer M10Q 180 GPS 5883 Compass


The Foxeer M10Q 180 GPS 5883 Compass GPS Module powered by the advanced M10 10th Generation Chip, offers unparalleled precision and reliability for all your location-based applications. With a wide frequency range covering GPS, GLONASS, BDS, GALILEO, ESBAS, and QZSS, this module ensures comprehensive global positioning capabilities.

Designed for versatility, the Foxeer M10Q 180 GPS 5883 Compass operates on a 5V input voltage, featuring a compact yet powerful ceramic antenna. Its 72 channels provide robust satellite tracking, while the built-in battery ensures continuous performance without compromising on efficiency.

Navigating through various environments is seamless with the inclusion of a QMC5883 compass. The module’s orientation is optimized for optimal functionality, facing the direction of flight with the antenna pointing upward. The compass orientation, with a 180° flip option, enhances adaptability for diverse applications.

Communication is swift and reliable with a Baud Rate of 115200bps and support for Dual NMEA/UBLOX protocols. Users can customize the output frequency from 1Hz to 10Hz, with 10Hz set as the default for real-time tracking. The impressive speed accuracy of 0.05m/s and horizontal positioning accuracy of 2D ACC1.5m (outdoor) make it an ideal choice for applications demanding precise location information.

With a receiver sensitivity of Trace -166dBm and Capture -160dBm, this GPS Module excels in acquiring and maintaining signal lock even in challenging conditions. Its dynamic characteristics allow for operation at heights of up to 50000m, speeds reaching 500m/s, and accelerations up to 4G.

Built to withstand extreme conditions, the module operates in temperatures ranging from -40°C to +85°C, with storage capabilities between -40°C to +105°C. Weighing just 7.5g and measuring 18188mm, this compact and lightweight GPS Module is your go-to solution for high-performance location tracking in a variety of applications

You can easily fit this GPS on our FOX RACING 2023.


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