Fox Crooked – Fpv Drone Frame Racing Kit


NEW PRODUCT 2023 - 2024

Default option is  the FRAME KIT Carbon Only version You can add full TPU KIT (including Revolution Canopy)  clicking on ADD checkbox here below


Revolution Canopy for Fox Pro & Fox Crooked

Revolution Canopy v1 for Fox Crooked

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Fox Crooked Fpv Drone Frame for Racing

Unleash Unprecedented Maneuverability

Discover the Fox Crooked, the world’s smallest and lightest 5-inch Drone Racing frame. Born from the success of the Fox Racing v1, this frame redefines limits with oblique arms allowing motors at different heights for propeller overlap. Weighing only 45 grams (51g with TPU), its design provides unmatched responsiveness in turns, creating a sensation of being glued to the air.

Fox Crooked – Fpv Drone Frame Racing Kit


Fox Crooked

Introducing the Fox Crooked, the smallest and lightest fpv drone frame designed for 5-inch Drone Racing worldwide. After the success of the Fox Racing v1 in 2020, this fpv drone frame is the result of months of research and experimentation, pushing the frame beyond the limit of physics.

The oblique arms of the Fox Crooked allow the motors to be at different heights, enabling propeller overlap and delivering unprecedented maneuverability and responsiveness during turns. It’s as if the drone is glued to the air.

  • ★ Weight: Only 45 grams (51 grams with TPU)
  • ★ True-X: 170mm Wheelbase
  • ★ Crooked arms
  • ★ Propellers overlap: Beyond the limit
  • ★ Supports: 30×30 and 25×25 electronics, in addition to 20×20 electronics, all in the same plate!
  • ★ Electronics protected: By the carbon frame
  • ★ Titanium: Motor Screws
  • ★ New FPV Camera position: Close to the center of gravity
  • ★ Available for: Analog, HDZero, & DJI


  • 2x Main Plates
  • 4x Spar
  • 4x Arms
  • 8x Motor Bases
  • 1x Bolts Kit
  • 16x Titanium Motor Screws
  • 1x Revolution Canopy (optional)

Quality FPV Frame

The FOX Crooked, weighing only 45 grams (52 grams with TPU), is lightened by as much as 13 grams. It shares some parts with the Fox PRO, including the Canopy, the main plate (usable as either a top or bottom plate to house electronics), and the motor bases.

Prepared to install electronics with both 20×20 mm and 25×25 mm and 30×30 mm mounting holes, all completely protected by the carbon frame. The new revolution canopy brings the FPV camera to a higher position, very close to the center of gravity of the quadcopter, providing an unprecedented flying experience and control.

Titanium screws for the motors significantly reduce weight while ensuring strength and durability. Arms are of equal length, minimizing spare parts. The T700 Carbon guarantees great impact resistance, along with the interlock arm system that can absorb crashes up to 70% more than a normal x-frame.

For future-proofing the camera solution and maximizing weight savings, FOX Crooked only fits NANO size cameras

Optimized for HDZero Race V3 VTX and HDZero Nano 90 fps by Runcam

Additional information


Finz Fly Different

Carbon Type





45g carbon, 52 with TPU

Mounting Holes

20x20mm, 25,5×25,mm, 30x30mm

FPV Camera Size


Revolution Canopy for Fox Pro & Fox Crooked


Carbon Noir, CST Blue, Green FLUO, Magenta, Red GACE

VTX Type

HD Zero, Analogic, DJI


HDZero 90fps, HDzero 90fps updated lens, Predator Nano, Caddx Nebula Nano Pro, Runcam Wasp Nano

Camera Tilt

45°, 47,5°, 50°, 52,5°, 55°, 57,5°, 60°


Finz Fly Different


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